Almost every office worker was time-consumed and nerve-racked by this problem: e-mails, contacts, tasks positively disappear in unclear directory structures of the Outlook e-mail account. The implemented Outlook search is not often helpful if time is of the essence. It is too sedate, structures and archives have to be researched manual and the results are not always logical and relevant. It is purely distressing if you want to find urgently needed data in Outlook.

Lookeen is an add-on that makes the Outlook search faster and easier. Lookeen appears as a toolbar in Outlook and works in the background at first without letting the user noticing this. The software builds an index of all Outlook depositions to which the search engine can access later. This accelerates the Outlook search enormously: After entering a search key into the input box Lookeen researches all elements. Regardless, if appointments, e-mails, contacts or tasks – it only takes split seconds to find the wanted elements in Outlook.

Besides, it makes no difference whether Outlook is running on a single workstation or on a main server in a network. Lookeen indicates not only the data of one Outlook data file but rather multiple enabled archives and files. That way, data on an exchange server which are required by several users can be found with the Outlook search.

Lookeen not only eases finding data in Outlook. The software can also be used as desktop research if any file on the fixed disc or in a network is indicated. Office-documents, PDF- or HTML-data for example don´t have to be complexly sorted in files and searched after longsome anymore because Lookeen finds such data at cyberspeed.

No preference if you need to find data on your PC, in the network or in Outlook – Lookeen saves time and nerves and conserves system resources with his search index. You can rganize and find your data on your desktop and your Outlook with the Outlook versions 2003, 2007, 2010 and 2013.


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